The Besam SW200i OHC is a concealed, overhead electromechanical swing door operator with a concealed arm system. It provides an aesthetically pleasing solution that is attractive yet incomparably strong.

SW200i OHC is the ideal choice for applications with high demands on gentle and smooth operation in combination with strength and high traffic flow. It compensates for stack pressure and wind load and yet it remains easy to open manually. Additionally it offers an easy-to-use manual push force in power-off.

An optional embedded battery back-up and monitoring ensures operation even when the power is interrupted, while an intelligent locking function adds security.

Besam SW200i OHC is suitable for applications such as: low-energy and heavy-duty, interior and exterior entrances, single- and double-leaf doors, and escape routes with panic break-out and manual reset.

Safety compliance

The Besam SW200i OHC complies with EN 16005, UL 325 and ANSI/BHMA A156.10, A156.19

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