Besam SL500 Frame automatic door system is a rugged and resilient solution, perfect for your external entrances. The robust aluminum frame profiles are ideal for high-traffic entrances where impact damage is a consideration, for example retail environments with a heavy flow of shopping carts, as well as in airports and hospital entrances where trolleys, carts and wheelchairs are used regularly. The robust frame also stands up to heavy winds and stack pressures.

Supplied as either a bi-parting or single sliding door system, the Besam SL500 Frame door system comes complete with door leaf, safety devices, access control options and where required, side screens and overlights. It’s available for both beam or wall mounting and the robust aluminum profiles are clear anodized and glazed with 6mm laminated glass as standard.

Narrow pass ways and escape routes

Where side space is limited a telescopic arrangement is the natural choice. It is ideal for narrow passageways, as it maximizes the opening width.
The system offers an optional break-out feature, allowing exit through the entire door opening and sidescreen space during emergencies.


The Besam SL500 Frame door system can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat or cool your building, resulting in lower costs and a smaller carbon footprint. It can be fitted with optional 22 and 40 mm thermos glass, thermally broken profiles, extra tight-fitting brushes and additional sensors for fine-tuning opening and closing times, further enhancing its energy-saving capabilities, while ensuring a high-level of entrance security.

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