An attractive foyer, inviting shopping environment, grand table settings; there are times when you want to show off a spectacular, unobstructed view. The Besam SL500 All-glass sliding door systems delivers a sleek, stylish solution that is easy on the eye.

It comes in two variants; transparent and semi-transparent. Both are great for internal or secondary entrances where the demand for high-class aesthetics outweighs the need for resilience. Clear anodized aluminium profiles support an uninterrupted glass door leaf which glides open and closes, quiet and seemingly without any frame support.

The transparent has just a top aluminium profile and is ideal for internal applications. It comes in a wide variety of arrangements and options. This means you can get one tailored to your exact specification.

The semi-transparent utilises toughened glass as standard, with a top and bottom profile that makes it more suitable for external application than the transparent.


All our automatic sliding door systems are available as either a bi-parting or single sliding door systems and comes complete with door leaf, safety devices, access control options and where required, side screens and overlights. Available for both beam or wall mounting.

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